Women names!


Words, Sayings, Slogans

We have a great collection of different names for sell. All our styles of designs of names, are Copyrighted. We have different categories to chose from. In order to buy one of our logos, words, drawings, images, etc; to own, we do ask that you contact us @ Monegan Holdings, LLC. Phone number: 352-575-6110. 

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1. STOCK ID: MHWSS20162310      

PRICE: $55,000.00


alyssa  328




2. STOCK ID: MHWSS20162312      

PRICE: $25,000.00


lisa  337




3. STOCK ID: MHWSS20162313      

PRICE: $100,000.00 Special note: Gabriela shall receive 50% of our prophet earnings, for her to continue in pursuing her career.




4. STOCK ID: MHWSS20162314      

PRICE: $70.000.00




5. STOCK ID: MHWSS20162315      

PRICE: $90.000.00 Special note: Jalyn shall receive 50% of our prophet earnings for her to continue in her career.