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You also receive all the content that we have created when you purchase to own any of our websites. You must have your own idea of what your theme, and your set up should look like, however we are always willing to share our million dollar secrets. $550,000.00

Sovereigns of Sovereigns is a great way to set up any website that has the potential to make things happen. What I like about this website is the more I learn, research, and figure out, the more I see what I can  do with it. I am very prolific, and the more I build on my ideas the more it expands into a website super power.

Building a website like can take months or years to complete. Just being a web designer will not chisel the statue into a master piece. You have to know the inside out when dealing with S.E.O, etc.

If you know anything about making a great novel or a box office hit movie, you know it can take years to complete. But once it’s completed it pays off big time!  A website like this should only be put into action by a person or persons, that likes working hard, and wants to see everyday accomplishments turn into something pursued.

Some people do not have the ambition and drive to take on giant projects. Some people have the dream but do not have the time. Some people may think that it’s not worth even thinking about because they know that it’s lots of planning that goes into making a website like this become number one in it’s category. When I think of the endless possibilities of this website, I only feel confident, and motivated to continue on my journey as a network content producer.

Everybody that does lots of business, blogging, forums, research, art, photography, etc, should think about building one of their websites this way. Times are changing. This world is changing. The way we think and feel is changing. The way we make websites are changing. One day you will discover that This was a great idea and you will say, “Sovereign of Sovereigns was right!” Clifford Monegan is really an entrepreneur.

The most fabulous thing about is that you get a wonderful package deal. You get,,,,, and

You also get all content, that is on, and what’s on all of the other websites. (Any drawings, caricatures, paintings, silhouettes, logos, trademarks, and videos) are owned by others, or by Monegan Holdings, LLC and are only displayed on and are not apart of the package. Monegan Holdings,LLC is the sole owner of If you would like to purchase any of our drawings, caricatures, paintings, silhouettes, logos, videos, and trademarks, you must order separately, they are not apart of the package deal.

We only live once, and everyday in the world of internet, networking, should not only be an avenue to become financially successful but should also be a way to bring ordinary everyday success to everyone in the world. Become a Sovereign Of Sovereigns, and rule the this internet, networking, category. An email address has also been created: Unity is a global community. Be master of your destiny. Be a sovereign! $100,000.00

Unity is Community is a very, very, extraordinary website. What sets apart from other websites, and look alike’s, is that Unity is Community concept is to help build up the community by sharing positive, productive, information that will not only encourage our community but will also  give our community a way to participate in something that they can feel good about.

Unity is Community grows with the community, and helps keep the community safe, and cares about children, teen, parents, college students, and our small businesses. This is a non-profit website without filing non-profit. You will profit the community by being involved with the community as the community stays involved.

This website can be used as a community newspaper as well. A website like this can grow to be a very fruitful resource, and change the way people come together. There are so many different topics that you could add to these categories that we have already set up for you, or you can make your own categories as well.

If you know people, and you are a people person, and you stand for unity in our community, you are well on your way. United we stand, and to stand united makes us all strong. An email address has also been created: $100,000.00

Parent Merit is a memorial site for me. I created this site because of my mother. My mother worked very hard to raise her children. She was very loving and highly motivated. When I was a child I wondered how did my mother keep going, and what drove her to be a productive, positive, successful, out going parent.

Parent Merit has a story behind it that would take a life time to tell. I believe that all parents should get the full respect and appreciation they deserve from their children, and this is my respect, and appreciation to all parents as well. There’s nothing like having a loving dad and mom in your life. Dad’s have to really be there for the children, and raise them with morals, and values that will instill successful, sincere,  principles, and standards in their children.  When children have that strong motivational force in their lives, they grow up to be more than leaders.

Parent Merit is a website that helps motivate, and inspire parents to be the foundation of the family. This website shares topics, and information with parents so they can continue to be confident, and ambitious while raising, and providing for their children no matter what age they are. I’ve seen parents provide for their children while in college. I really believe that all parents should make away for their children to someday attend college.

There’s so much you can do with a site like this. Especially if you are a parent. You could even help parents come together, and find the person that has the same interests as them, through dating or just chatting online. Single parents, and teen parents need love too. This site also helps educate teen parents as well.

Single parents and teen parents, are so important in today’s society, and need company. Our bits, and pieces of information even help single, and teen parents to be open to socializing with other single, and teen parents, so they will not only continue progressing in parenthood, but will be able to exercise that parent’s integrity at all times. A single, and teen parent, can come on this site and fall in love with it’s encouraging massages from the author. We honestly promote self-esteem and assertiveness.

We continue to add, and build as mush content on this site as possible, and will even write content for you for six months when you purchase this wonderful productive site. Be a winner, and become a parent champion by taking this site to a whole new amazing level in parenting. If you love to write, and you have the right team, you can change the way parents think and feel about parenting. Parents are important and deserve respect. Parent Merit is the corner stone in parenting! An email address has also been created: $100,000.00

This is a website that I am so excited about! What’s better than sharing advice, and information with our youth. Now a days being 13 to 19 is real different then it was when I was a teen. When I was a teen we didn’t have internet to find positive information. If you didn’t listen to your parents or meet someone older that was positive, or listen to some of the older people’s advice, you didn’t get any advice at all.

I grew up in the ghetto, drug, and crime infested streets of Chicago, and all I saw was things that instilled negative values in young people. We had YMCA’s, and a few other programs that we could be apart of, but the street gangs stopped us from being able to go to different neighborhoods to be apart of something positive. There were lots of events, and ways to be productive but you would have to keep your mind on your safety, and by my mom working all the time I couldn’t really be apart of a lot of things. Honestly most of the events would turn out bad in the end. Either a big fight would break out or someone would start shooting. Some of times people were killed. It was like growing up in Vietnam.

So I am thankful that my life was spared, and that I have a chance to share my story, advice, inspiration, dreams, and information with teens all around the world. I try my best to bring up every topic I can to instill positive, productive values in our teens, and I seriously research daily so that I can build their self-esteem, and help them to be motivated, so that they will not only be successful but they will also go to college, and be financially successful as well.

With this teen site you could really be number one when it comes to sharing with our teens. You could make a menu, and create categories that would cover everything a teen needs to know about life. You could even make a non-profit organization that would give out scholarships to teens.

If you like talking to teens, and you care about their well being as much as I do, all you need to do is sit down, and start researching and writing. Think about how many teens you could actually help if you took on the initiative to expand this great idea. Teen Structure is not only a great website but it’s the only website that continues to grow and grow, and will be number one soon. Teens need adults that care. Give our teens structure, and build their self-esteem, and confidence buy making this site the safe havens of teen safe havens. An email address has also been created: $100,000.00

Generation Read is the path to be guarded, and be upheld by our children. We must do all that we can to help maintain education. What’s great about education is that we have schools, trainers, teachers, tutors, elderly people, doctors, scholars, parents, adults, programs, libraries, internet, and other resources that can assist a child to gain knowledge.

Children have to read! Children must read and learn as much as they can so that they will be able to live life free of worrying about failures. Learning is one of the tools to become financially successful as well. When you teach a child the basic things in life and help that child to understand, and comprehend it’s meanings, that child gets used to it’s mind growing, and developing. That child want’s to learn more and more, especially if  what is being taught is interesting and exciting to the child.

Someone has to step up and take on this concept of education. We must continue to make a way for our children to always be educated. We all know that once you learn, you have to stay teachable. The world changes by the hour. Technology is the prince of the air.

Did you know that a child can pick up on technology faster then an adult. Maybe it’s the bells and whistles.” Whatever it is, they catch on fast.” They do not comprehend lots of scientific stuff but I would think that a child can work a computer better than most adults.

Children are gifted to be so receptive to fun, inspiration, encouragement, excitement, and adventure. Children’s Books are a great way to teach a child how to read, write, and calculate. Now a days, we have E books. You can take this website to the heavens and place it over the moon, and every kid in the world, goal will be to reach that education plateau! Isn’t it great to dream, and be a pacesetter, and a role model for a child.

What’s so great about this concept is if you have went to school or college for sociology, psychology, mathematics, reading, writing, economics, or any type of education that deals with children, this is your golden field. This is your calling. You are the one that can take and build a stairway to the heavens. There are no limits to your ideas!

I myself will also help you by writing topics on what I think that will help you have more structure, for you for 6 months. You will also be able to buy my Children Books for wholesale price, and will have permission to sell them on your site free for 1 year. You will be able to take my topics, and ideas and turn them around to fit your needs. Education is important. Leading our children to read, and read more will not only keep us strong but it will keep our children strong for generations. An email address has also been created:

If your dream is to take all that you have learned, and put it to use where you can be more productive and help children at the same time, this is your spirit that awaits you” The Spirit Of Generation Read $200,000.00 ( is a domain up for sell.) price of domain is $3,000.00

Poem Guru is perfect for you if you love poetry with all your mind heart and spirit. What’s good about is all of the poems are free to read. The path of the guru is a free, poetic, path to the most inspirational poetry in the world.

You can also sell poems on poem guru and if you would like to, you can also sell different books of poetry. You can even let people post their poems on this poetic site. You could buy poems from others and have poetry video readings, and if you are local, you can have poetry readings and post your information on your site.

I love poems and I believe that a good poem can do so many different things to a person. A good poem can make a person feel so many different ways. I’ve been writing poems every since I was a kid. When you purchase this website to own. I will give you rights to all my poems, and a big collection of poems that I’ve written.

You will have your own book of poems to go with your website. What’s good about poems is that you can even turn them into songs.

Be a poet and be a guru. Be a path to the world. Let all those who love poems walk in the path of the poem guru.

If you are a great poet and you know it! This is your dream site.

An email address has also been created:


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