Purchasing logos/images/drawings, etc

Purchasing logos, drawings, images, caricatures, etc. 

We have the greatest collection of domain names and for sell. Our collection of logos, trademarks, animated, cartoon, caricatures, drawings, images, paintings, poems, ideas, words, sayings, and name designs, etc, are all original and are hand drawn, and painted. All of our images are for sell! Once you buy one of our items from us, you own that item, and you can use that item for whatever your heart desires. You can put that item on or in anything you chose.

Each item can only be purchased once. When you as a client purchase an item, you are buying all rights to that item. This means that you have exclusive, and complete control over that item’s publication, distribution, and reproduction without any time limit whatsoever.

In order to purchase one of our items, we do ask that you first email us at moneganholdingsllc.com so that your order can be on file. You must leave the (Stock ID description, and Price of your item, and your phone number and email address.) You must then call us at 352-575-6110 and customer service will give you more information. Last step is filling out a form so that you will have proof that you own whatever item you buy. That form is called Bill of Sale. The Bill of Sale can be downloaded from our website or sent to you in an e-mail, or you can meet us personally to sign the Bill of Sale.

We do not have any way for you to send a payment yet, such as paypal, but once decided, we will post the way you can pay for an item. For now you must follow these steps. On some items, we are willing to negotiate price. All our items are original and copyrighted. We have integrity and love giving back to our community. When you see an item that has a percentage on it to be donated to a nonprofit or person. We will make sure that nonprofit or person receives that donation. We believe that people need people, and in order to be a good long lasting business, you must share with others.

We do not customize any logos, images, drawings, etc. ALL IMAGES ARE AS IS, however we do tell you if they are JPG, Vector, PNG, etc. If you would like to do anything different to your product, we leave that choice up to you. All images, etc, ARE AS IS.  “look at it as, we are providing you with the idea” you can take it to your extreme. 

When purchasing an item from us, you can request that we place the word sold at the top of your item, so no one else can buy it. But we will not take the item off of our list until it is sold, and payment is received. You have 48 hours to decide if you would like to purchase an item. If you cannot purchase your item at that set time, we will leave the item up for sell, on a first come first serve basis. You can take your time and stay on our site all day long without interruptions, (such as pop-up boxes, memberships, email list, etc).

If you purchase your item, you can have the original piece or keep your downloaded version. If you would like the original piece, it will be sent to you by mail the same or next day of purchase. It will take no longer than 1 to 7 business days or less, unless you live in another country, for us to mail your original out to you. You are more than willing to meet with us and have it handed to you inside of an envelope. Once you buy an item from us, it is not our responsibility to hold onto your original and store it for you.

If you never come to get your original, we will try to keep your original on file for 30 days and if you do not contact us within the 30 days, the original will be destroyed so if you pay for it, please make several copies for yourself. If you buy it, it is yours to keep. Once the item is bought, you cannot return it for any reason. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. We put our name on every item that we have because we know that they are original and they have all been copyrighted, and they have all been created by us.

Reach into our treasure, and find your creative content. Search through our amazing categories, and buy what we have originally, created, at moneganholdingsllc.com

“Success is in the hands of the beholder”