We have a great collection of different paintings for sell. What’s even better is that you can use, the painting as your logo or for your idea. All our paintings are Copyrighted. We have different categories to chose from. In order to buy one of our paintings to own, we do ask that you contact us @ Monegan Holdings, LLC. Phone number: 352-575-6110. 

Copyright © 1993-2016 “All Rights Reserved”



1. STOCK ID: MHP201651    

PRICE: $40,000.00  



2. STOCK ID: MHP201652

PRICE: $10,000.00 




3. STOCK ID: MHP201653

 PRICE: $50,000.00 




4. STOCK ID: MHP201654    

PRICE: $60,000.00 




5. STOCK ID: MHP201655      

PRICE: $75,000.00 

1 yo dog



6. STOCK ID: MHP201656    

PRICE: $10,000.00 





7. STOCK ID: MHP201657A – MHP201657B     

PRICE: $100,000.00 (Both paintings are a set)

CR2601   CR259load




8. STOCK ID: MHP201658

 PRICE: $40,000.00 

first pitch





10. STOCK ID: MHP2016510A – MHP2016510B     

PRICE: $200,000.00 

(Both paintings are a set $100,000.00) (HIM SURF & HER SURF)

Special note: When you buy these painting, we will donate 20% of our earnings to 4 students of the Sante Fe College in Gainesville Florida to help pay off some of their student loan.

CRAZYWAVE CHICK Crazy Wave Catcher




11. STOCK ID: MHP2016511  

PRICE: $1,000.00