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This domain can be made into a remarkable, positive, productive, money making website. My idea of Network Content Producer is to be used for social media, Entrepreneur information, or even a twitter look a like, where you can talk and have discussions, set up a forum about success, money, economics, government, etc.

I myself am the original Network Content Producer. The words, (Network – Content – Producer), are 3 very strong words. We all know that when you are picking a word or words to describe your website, that the words you use have to be able to not only promote your site but they have to automatically bring your site to life.

You will see other sites using this name and if they had any integrity, they would have contacted me first to ask if it’s okay. So I’m really happy because it’s really great because I know that I am the creator of this wonderful domain name, and they copied it from me. Most of all, I am the head, and not the tail. People need a leader that has good assertive, productive, ideas. I am glad that they have chosen something that I have created to make themselves look better. That shows you right away that the name itself is very powerful.

With this domain name you will not only rule this category, but you will honestly make a million in your first year if you have a good team that knows good marketing, and advertising skills, and strategies.

Once I was told that my dreams were to big. To the person that told me that, “I said, I guess you didn’t know that all dreams are to big! That’s why they call them dream – info – net – org   Price: $50,000.00

What does Love Pimp represent?

“Love’s Organized Values Enrich Power In Meeting People”

I know you would think that having a website with a name like this would only be put in the trash, but you are wrong. I think this is a very good idea. Love has lots of values and if organized properly, your whole life could be filled with love and intimacy. Your relationship or marriage would last forever and a day.

Love has a hidden power in it, and in order for you to tap into this power, you have to really know what love means to you, and the person that you are meeting. What’s so good about meeting people is that you never know what kind of person they really are until you move in with them. You can have a thousand different conversations with a person but you only know you can love a person when a person can love you.

Lots of friendships turn into marriage. Sometimes there’s love at first site. We all have experienced teenage love. is a very, enriching dating site idea. This site will most definitely be the number one dating site in the United States in less than a year if you have the right teen behind you. It will not only be singles coming on this site to meet people! Even the people that have been together for years will join just to have that second honeymoon date.

When you purchase Love Pimp, you also get our secret values of love , and our other ideas to help you to set-up a very strong website. You will not only be able to share these values with your members but you will also use them in your relationship, every second of your life.

Love is a very complex subject and love stands alone. Nothing can conquer love. Who wants to be alone? If you are anything like us you know that this domain will not only bring people together but it will make you millions of dollars for as long as you would like it to. In fact as soon as someone reads the few things that we have written about this great domain, you will see others using the name without our permission. So why not be the original Love Pimp, and bring people together with love’s organized values enrich power in meeting people?


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What does Poem Guru represents? can be a site for poems, and other books to read, and sell. If you like poems and writing poems, and letting people enjoy them you want this site for you. People love poems and poems give people away to escape from the world and it’s everyday situations and problems. Set up your website and be the poem guru the world wants to see. POEM GURU is the place of poetry.


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